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A house is a house, until it burns down—that is.

It’s hard to imagine a home fire occurring every 87 seconds in the United States. That’s an estimated 358,500 home fires each year.

Fire departments respond to approximately 3,225 under-construction fires each year.

What if you could offer your homebuying customers a level of security and peace of mind unmatched by competitors in the market?

When the fire is present, treated materials will not ignite or spread flames.
Neroshield-treated products limit the fire to its initial fuel source and eliminate after-glow and burn back while providing high heat transfer protection and rapid cooling properties.

Introducing Neroshield fire retardant!

Neroshield is a revolutionary new technology created to be a highly effective and preventative fire retardant. It can be field applied or part of the OEM manufacturing processes and applied topical or mixed into existing materials. NeroshieldTM can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 Degrees Fahrenheit and has been extensively tested and shown to provide superior fire-retardant protection and endurance with proper application. NeroshieldTM can help reduce the spread of fire and effectively block the transmission of conductive and radiant heat from fire at higher-than-normal temperatures while limiting the release of toxic smoke and fumes into the environment.

Neroshield is extensively third-party tested, audited, and manufactured by accredited ISO 17025 facilities, is code compliant, environmentally friendly, and can meet several domestic and international code requirements.

We offer a residential builder package that will allow you to offer this amazing protection as an upgrade or include it in the pricing of all your homes at substantial savings.

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