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Structural Steel

Protecting structural steel is crucial for the longevity and safety of any building or infrastructure. At Proficient Coatings™, we are experts in providing protective coatings for structural steel, preventing corrosion and weathering that can compromise the integrity of the structure. Our coatings solutions are carefully selected to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that your structural steel remains robust and durable. With meticulous surface preparation and application, we ensure that our coatings adhere to the highest standards, delivering optimal performance and protection. Whether it’s bridges, high-rise buildings, or industrial facilities, our expertise in structural steel coatings brings peace of mind, safeguarding your critical assets and investments.

Fire-safety requirements often require that structural beams be coated in flame resisting substances or materials that allow the member to maintain its structural integrity in the event of fire.  Historically, products like MonokoteTM and intumescent paints have been utilized.  Each of these products has its place, however, both have limitations and downsides.  MonokoteTM is a very messy, cumbersome product to use.  Over time, this substance degrades and falls from the underlying beam or member, makes beam repair or modification difficult, and is an eyesore—eliminating the possibility of exposed beam construction for aesthetic appeal as seen in some of the most cutting edge and beautiful architectural designs.

NeroshieldTM is a thin, non-obtrusive substance that lightly coats the surface of the substrate.  It is not messy, can be tinted to most hues, and can be applied in the field or in the shop. NeroshieldTM works by bonding with the substrate, effectively changing the molecular structure at the surface.  Because of this bonding effect, NeroshieldTM can be applied in much thinner layers, offering superior fire protection at lower material costs and with fewer man hours.

Schedule a time to meet with one of our coatings specialists to discuss your project.  You will be doing your architectural, labor, and field teams a great service, while saving your customer time, money, and greatly minimizing future risk exposure for your firm and your customer.

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