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Using Neroshield by Proficient Coatings to Meet Fire Safety Standards and Maximize Design Potential

The Challenges of Artistic Expression vs. Fire-Safety Standards in Architecture

It can be incredibly frustrating when your artistic expression is compromised due to strict fire-safety regulations. And if you’re tasked with developing a solution that complies with fire-safety while supporting your architect’s design, it can feel even more daunting. Additionally, the building inspector may disagree with your team’s methodology, materials, or process, leading to higher costs, longer manhours, and extended periods of performance.

There have been instances where builders had to remove drywall and beam appurtenances to fire-treat vertical steel columns when the structure was seventy percent complete, despite technological advancements in online payments, web user experience, and optimized checkout flows. However, a single pass treatment of Neroshield by Proficient Coatings could have created a fully-rated beam encapsulation that meets or exceeds the rating requirement while saving time, money, and additional materials.

Reasoning Behind Utilizing Alternative Products and Processes to Meet Standards

When the International Building Code (IBC) and the workarounds used to meet fire-safety standards interfere with the owner’s design team’s potential, there is an alternative. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings provides a technologically superior and UL Listed and Certified flame retardant that frees up critical resources while increasing safety and peace of mind for clients.

According to the IBC 2021, alternative materials, designs, and methods may be used to achieve the required rating. The proposed alternative must be satisfactory and comply with the intent of the provisions of the code. The material, method, or work offered must not be less than the equivalent of that prescribed in the code for quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, and safety.

Enhance Your Designs and Safety With Our Technologically Advanced Flame Retardant

Neroshield by Proficient Coatings has been thoroughly tested and carries the UL, ASTM, NFPA, and MVSS certifications to qualify as a compliant treatment method to meet and exceed rating requirements. This approach is particularly useful in cases where critical inch stealing workarounds are not an option, and the design must maximize usable space.

In a Case Study, a Las Vegas resort hotel required an entire floor of room remodeling. The showers on the floor had pass-through plumbing that created gaps in the surrounds through which the PVC plumbing passed. The gaps required patching with metal decking, and the entire cavity surrounding the patchwork around the PVC protrusions was coated in Neroshield by Proficient Coatings. The result was completed individual units that met the 2-hour fire rating as required by the IBC and the governing municipality.

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