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Using Neroshield by Proficient Coatings to Prevent Construction Fires

Using NeroShield to Prevent Construction Fires

Using Neroshield by Proficient Coatings to Prevent Construction Fires

Within the last couple of years construction sites have seen an increasingly and devastating amount of fires, causing thousands of property damage, putting lives at risk, and leaving the surrounding communities distressed. A recent fire that occurred this past summer happened here in Las Vegas, where an apartment building that was under construction was engulfed in flames. 

New and innovative technology like Neroshield by Proficient Coatings, offers some positivity to such disasters by helping prevent or limit the severity of construction fires. How could Neroshield by Proficient Coatings have helped with the construction fire in Las Vegas? We first need to get a grasp on how the fire was started, reports state that the fire started from a spark that was caused by an electrical short circuit, which led to the devastating spread of the fire through the flammable construction materials. The strength of the fire and the vanquishing systems in place obstructed the efforts of putting the fire out which led to thousands of dollars in damage. If Neroshield by Proficient Coatings had been involved, the construction outcome would have been way different.

What is Neroshield by Proficient Coatings?

Neroshield by Proficient Coatings is a comprehensive new technology that was created to be very effective to be a preventative fire retardant. You can apply it in the field, or it can be part of the OEM manufacturing process that is then used topical or mixed into existing materials. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings can resist temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings has significantly been tested and has shown to provide excellent fire-retardant protection with the proper application. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings can also help reduce the spread of a fire and help block the transmission of conductive and radiant heat all while limiting the release of toxic smoke into the atmosphere. 

Fire Resistance

The main thing that Neroshield by Proficient Coatings does is restrict the spread of fires from its original source. Not only does it restrict the spread of flames but also reduces the amount of heat transfer. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings helps limit the fire’s access to other fuel sources that can cause the blaze to grow bigger. Traditionally putting a fire out would be done with water, using sprinklers or a hose, but that leads to water damage adding to the already damage. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings preventative retardation proficiency minimizes and possibly eliminates water usage by effectively resisting flame and smoke spread.

The past construction fire here in Las Vegas serves as a reminder of the need for new advanced fire technology for fire retardants at construction sites. Treating the materials and structures that are flammable will save thousands of dollars and also people’s lives.

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