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Discover the power of Neroshield by Proficient Coatings, where we not only enhance the aesthetics and durability of surfaces but also prioritize the safety of your environment. With our cutting-edge solutions, we are revolutionizing the industry and setting new standards in surface transformation and fire safety.

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At Neroshield by Proficient Coatings, we are a family-owned and operated company with over 27 years of experience, proudly serving Las Vegas and beyond. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of our customers, making us the go-to provider for all their material coating needs. With our exceptional service, superior quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have built lasting relationships that span generations. From large-scale commercial projects to residential applications, we bring expertise, innovation, and a personal touch to every surface we transform. Discover why we are the trusted name in coatings and experience the Neroshield by Proficient Coatings difference.

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Our Services

We offer the most comprehensive list of Fire-Retardant Services

From Commercial Construction to Residential Group Care, we offer coatings to protect the things that matter most.

General Construction

Get us involved early in the process and we will provide comprehensive fire safety solutions that will provide you, your customers, and the community with safety and assurance that until now has not been available.

Fire Safety/NFPA 241

We prioritize safety on construction sites, offering cutting-edge fire safety solutions that comply with NFPA 241 standards, protecting lives, property, and ensuring a secure working environment.


Give your patrons a level of safety and security that is possible with only the most efficacious fire-retardant product available on the market today. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings will give you and your residents peace of mind.

Structural Steel

We will blast, and coat for non-corrosion, as well as treat with our steel treatment fire-retardant to eliminate heat transfer without the mess of MonokoteTM or cumbrously applied intumescent paint.

Product Integrations

Ask how Neroshield by Proficient Coatings can be integrated into your product lines to provide amplified burn time ratings. We currently work with gypsum companies to provide superior assembly rating that save material, time, labor, and money for end users in every aspect of construction.


There is nothing more important than the safety of our loved ones. A home treated with Neroshield by Proficient Coatings is a safe home. The thought that fires happen to other people is a life-threatening falsehood. Fires take lives and they can and will happen to anyone. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings buys your family time, provides peace of mind, and limits the possible flame spreading agents in your home. Call us today to find out how you can better protect your family.

Neroshield by Proficient Coatings is currently changing the fire safety industry in:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


Our Clients Say

Jeremy Winter

Vice President

"Since incorporating Neroshield by Proficient Coatings into our product offering and assembly ratings, we have been able to increase our work capacity and product offerings while limiting our labor costs and time to complete projects. Neroshield by Proficient Coatings is an extremely versatile product, and the team is extremely easy to work with and offers a differential factor unlike anything else on the market. I appreciate the team helping us to acquire certain ratings required for custom jobs and always making us feel like we are the most important thing happening for them. We plan to continue working with the Neroshield by Proficient Coatings team and do not see a better product option for fire safety and prevention."

Paul Acton

Deputy Fire Chief (Ret'd)

"[Regarding the Live Fire Tests] I was absolutely and immediately impressed with the performance of Neroshield by Proficient Coatings in preventing combustion of OSB, a highly flammable and common building material. This test, along with the live burn performance evaluations of all of the different substrates that were treated with Neroshield by Proficient Coatings, as well as its ability to extinguish flammable liquids such as diesel fuel and jet fuel, has caused me to reflect back on the hundreds of fires that I have responded to throughout my career. I have no doubt that Neroshield by Proficient Coatings would have saved millions of dollars in property and, most likely, but more importantly, the lives of people who perished in fires prior to being found by firefighters searching for them in high heat and zero visibility fire conditions. ...Neroshield by Proficient Coatings has no doubt been proven to buy time when life safety and property is threatened by fire...and in my humble opinion, Neroshield by Proficient Coatings is no doubt “a game changer”

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Fire Prevention  Fire Prevention  If not managed a fire can become dangerous. When fires