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Emergency Plan: In case of a Fire

Emergency Plan: In case of a Fire

Emergency Plan: In case of a Fire

Before a House Fire

  • D.I.T.H (Exit Drills in The Home)
  • Make sure that windows aren’t stuck, and that screens can be removed quickly
  • Find two escape routes from each room and let everyone who resides in the home know the escape routes

In the Event of a House Fire

  • Get out, crawl, and dial 911
  • Help others evacuate
  • Close vents and doors if you aren’t able to escape
  • Check the doorknob using your hands on the back before leaving a room to ensure safety

After a House Fire

  • Make sure to contact the fire department to ensure that your home is safe and that you can go back in
  • The fire department will inform Red Cross if you need shelter, food, or medications
  • Do not try to disconnect utilities on your own. The fire department will help you
  • Contact your insurance provider for specific guidelines on how to protect your property. If you’re not insured, call private organizations for assistance
  • Keep a record of damaged items and property
  • Make sure you save receipts for any funds used to pay for fire damage
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